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Callaway have positioned the weight strategically inside the club head to optimize miss hits for quality results even on off centre hits, making the club head increasingly stable throughout the impact zone for accuracy of the highest order. The modified X-Sole design delivers quality turf interaction cutting through even the heaviest of lies in the rough or cushioning the ball off a tight fairway lie by applying the improved lower leading edge to the back of the ball for a higher launch and increased carry.


Feel is very important to me. I still only pack one fairway metal in my bag, and that's because, thanks to her feel, distance, and balance, I don't need any others. I have a killer 3 wood, and use hybrids to replace both my 5 wood and long irons. These clubs have that feel. Impact is just an amazingly long experience. The ball, regardless of make or model is going to create a rather loud "SPINGK" type of sound, at impact. Even thought these faces are not titanium, they are ultra hot. Even though the club head is slightly larger it is not clunky. Callaway Hyper X Fairway Wood is a hot rod that not only performs like one; it feels like one as well.


Well the dividends Callaway continues to reap from their Top Flite acquisition never cease to amaze me. As with the new Hyper X Fairway Wood, these fairway woods show an immense movement forward towards stricter quality control. They look like something the boys at Top flutes old Ben Hogan division would have designed and built. The craftsmanship is stellar. Unfortunately, like the Hogan clubs I referenced, they tend to want more than just a beginners swing put on them in order to perform. Fortunately Callaway Golf has many other fairway metals for those who desire long and straight. These beauties just aren't quite of that ilk. I will grant you that they have a larger "Safer Hitting Zone" than the old Hogan's, but the actual sweet spot is not as large as it is on the blockheads and triangles that have been hitting the market.


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Perfect Callaway Hyper X Fairway Wood

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This article was published on 2010/12/14